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iPhone 7 Plus price list


iPhone 7 Plus Glass replacement $109

If your screen is working ok besides having a broken or cracked glass then all you need to get replaced is the glass on your iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 7 Plus lcd replacement $119

If you are seeing  lines or black spots across the screen or the touch function simple doesn't work right then you will also need to get the lcd replaced on your iPhone 7 plus

iPhone 7 Plus Battery replacement $69

After few years the batteries on all iPhones being to die and therefore loosing it's full potential, if you feel like your iPhone is not lasting as long as you'd like it to then it's probably a good time to get your battery replaced.

iPhone 7 Plus Charging port replacement $69

If your iPhone is not charging properly when you plug it in as it feels 'loose' or the computer is not picking it up as an external device then it's very possible that you will need to get the charging port replaced.